Welcome to Bark n’ Blooms!

My name is Callie and I am a small business in downtown Victoria, Texas creating beautifully curated dried & preserved floral arrangements and a in house ‘BUILD YOUR OWN’ dried flower bar! We also have a variety of all natural essential oil products such as diffusers, body oils, candles and bath/relax products!

You can also find a crystal bar where you can choose the stone that best fits you, along with other crystal and intention products!

We have lots to offer as well as our “Mutt Shop 🐶” section!

Little Backstory:

I am from Port Lavaca, Tx where I also own a dog grooming salon called “Fluffy Mutt” for the last 7 years. We have won “Port Lavaca‘s Best” 7 years in a row, “Business of the year” and “2022 Coolest Pet Shop”.

I grew up in Louisiana in the swamp lands and moved to Texas to be with my dad in high school. Soon after, he was diagnosed with Dementia and had to be put in a home. I was then on my own, I had two boys when I was 18 & 22 and lived a paycheck to paycheck life trying to make it till I decided to take a leap of faith and open up “Fluffy Mutt” with $400 to my name. Quit my job at a vet clinic and ever since I’ve been working my butt off for it!

These last few years I started to build the business to run on its own and decided to get into making flower arrangements and educating people on all natural ingredients because it is a HUGE passion of mine!

I was doing business out of my house for a little while then agian decided to take that leap of faith in a completely different city where I knew no one and open up what is now “Bark n’ Blooms”!

I have a HUGE love for my customers and people who have supported me through and through!

Back to the business side: I take custom orders on pretty much anything! I love a challenge!

Contact me if you have any request on my phone number or email!

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Your business means so much to me and I appreciate you checking us out! ❤️