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All Natural Hemp Calming Sticks

All Natural Hemp Calming Sticks

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These dental sticks for dogs are made in a GMP certified facility and have a delicious cinnamon peanut butter taste that dogs love. The abrasion from chewing the hard yet slightly flexible stick helps clean teeth while natural ingredients will help soothe and calm your dog during stressful events like thunderstorms, vet visits, travel and separation. 

Key Benefits

* Promotes calm and relaxation

* Helps reduce hyperactivity and excessive barking

* Ridges and texture help reduce plaque and tartar build up 

* Promotes a healthy mouth 

* Made with natural ingredients like hemp, melatonin and chamomile 

* Contains no chemical preservatives

* Made in the USA in a GMP certified facility

The hardness of these dental sticks combined with a blend of natural ingredients like hemp, melatonin, chamomile, passion flower and more, promote healthy teeth and gums while also helping manage behavioral issues and promote calm.

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