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Hydra Forest Soul Pet Cologne

Hydra Forest Soul Pet Cologne

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Whether you want a fresh-from-the-groomer feeling for your pet or you are a professional groomer, our Hydra Vegan Forest Soul Cupuacu Cologne will make a great addition to your pet accessories and grooming supplies.

This cat and dog perfume spray is the perfect finishing touch for your pet after their grooming session or bath. It has a refreshing scent and high fragrance concentration for more fragrance per spray. Elevate your pet’s smell with this easy-to-use pet cologne spray for dogs and cats.

Our Hydra dog and cat spray is formulated using a signature blend of top-quality oils. Once your puppy or kitten is washed and dried, simply spray the fragrance on their entire coat to keep them smelling great for days. Hydra is dedicated to formulating salon-grade grooming accessories designed to help you maintain your pet’s coat in the comfort of your home.

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