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Hydra VEGAN Detox Forest Energy Pet Cologne

Hydra VEGAN Detox Forest Energy Pet Cologne

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Hydra Vegan Detox pet cologne spray for dogs and cats adds a professional touch to your pet’s coat after a grooming or bathing session. Our fragrant pet spray has a lovely scent that is safe for animals over 8 weeks old.

Our pet perfume helps control odor to keep your pet smelling good. With a high fixation, the layered fragrance notes offer more scent per spray, making this vegan cologne the perfect addition to your pet supplies.

Our perfume for dogs and cats contains gentle ingredients that are safe for your animal’s skin and come in a compact 4.05-ounce bottle.

To use, wash, dry, and detangle your pet’s coat, then spray our cologne on it. At Hydra, we take pride in formulating salon-grade grooming supplies designed to help your pet’s well-being in the comfort of your home. Our gentle products are made to enhance your pet’s bathing routine and provide the utmost care


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